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Mixed Reality Escape Room

VR Drink Experiences

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Beat Saber, Star Trek VR, 360 Wine and Paint Night, Youth Parties, and more!

Play games with your friends, together in fully-immersive VR!

Q. Why Redline VR?

A. We’ve thought of everything.

Our nine bays-NINE!- are arranged in an open design that’s ideal for parties or parents who might want to stand at the bar and talk while still keeping an eye on their children. Our top-of-the-line equipment (HTC Vive Pro) sports an 80% increase in graphic resolution, removing any fear of nausea caused by blurrier/earlier headsets. We project the action and light the player so they’re Instagram ready. While we have access to every game, we curate the list, so you only get the best. Plus, our proprietary Mixed Reality Escape room and VR Drink Experiences make it better IRL while others are taking a turn in VR.


“I really enjoyed my experience, didn't think VR games would be that fun, the host made things really easy to understand and I will definitely be back!” - Jocelyn Watson

“If you've never done VR before, you need to. It is a trip! And Redline VR is a great place to try it out. The service is top-notch and the process is easy and fun.” - Les Rorick

“Top of the line VR equipment. I could have played Beat Saber for hours.“ Rory Jobst

Proprietary Experiences:

Virtual Arcade

Rent a headset with your friends and play the latest immersive games. Our unique open bay design keeps you safe and looking good.

Escape rooms

Available Soon: Our mixed-reality escape room is made by some of Chicago's top theatrical designers utilizing virtual and augmented reality techniques IRL.

VR Drink Experiences

Prep your brain and ‘buds for the perfect sip. Made in collaboration with craft brewers and mixologists, immerse yourself in something surprising.

Learn about Chicago’s FIRST Augmented Reality Billboard!

Learn about Chicago’s FIRST Augmented Reality Billboard!

A Carefully Curated Experience

Want more than just games? Check out these on-site experiences, available before we open.



You and your friends command the bridge of an Enterprise ship together live in the Star Trek universe. View the trailer.

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360 WINE & PAINT night

Our experts guide you as you sculpt in space at our 360 wine and paint night. View the trailer.

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