Building the Barcade of the Future



We’ll open with cans exclusively from local distributors. We believe in local, from computer animators to relationships with our vendors, we want Chicago to be the birthplace of the best VR.


Local Brews

What’s in the can? We’re working to pair with the best of Chicago’s “Malt Row” to bring you VR drink experiences full of all the storied flavors of our local, legendary Ravenswood brewers.

Redline Pierced Navel Drink Experience.jpg

VR Drink Experiences

Slip on a headset to reveal Redline VR's Immersive Drink Experiences that prep your brain and buds for the perfect sip. In collaboration with craft brewers and skilled mixologists, immerse yourself in something sinfully sweet, satisfyingly silky, or surprisingly bitter. Click to learn more.

A Carefully Curated Arcade

We curate the games you play at Redline VR to bring you the best. Our gear is the best too, currently featuring the HTC Vive Pro headset with haptic controllers and a carefully considered playing area.


Partners in Art as well as Business


Jonathon Irons
Technical Director

For the last five years Jonathon has been overseeing the digital pipeline for the Emmy Award-winning preschool animated series Tumble Leaf from Amazon Studios. A Wikipedia junkie with a love of tinkering, video games, and terminal commands, he crafts the digital backbone of Redline VR's story-driven tech.

Aaron Sawyer
Artistic Director

Seeking to surprise and delight audiences with dangerous questions and new perspectives, Aaron founded Red Theater Chicago in 2012. With a mind that seems to think in 18 directions at once and makes you laugh as you try to keep up, Aaron is Redline VR's creator extraordinaire.

Redline VR
4700 N Ravenswood Ave.
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Tel. +1 773 609 0056

Founded by a film & theater director and a technical specialist for animation, Redline VR is crafting a completely different kind of entertainment.