Partners in Art as well as Business


Jonathon Irons
Technical Director

For the last five years Jonathon has been overseeing the digital pipeline for the Emmy Award-winning preschool animated series Tumble Leaf from Amazon Studios. A Wikipedia junkie with a love of tinkering, video games, and terminal commands, his varied past includes recovering the first Mars satellite photos, digitizing decayed classical film stock, and advocating for ethically consequential games. By overseeing the creation of Redline VR’s original content in AR and VR, Jonathon crafts the digital backbone of our story-driven tech.

Aaron Sawyer
Artistic Director

Seeking to surprise and delight audiences with dangerous questions and new perspectives, Aaron has an MFA in the Direction of Stage and Screen and has presided over many thriving events and organizations, including the Red Theater Collectives which formed five collectives in four years. Aaron’s' work has earned accolades from the Chicago Inclusion Project, Chicago Tribune, and the Joseph Jefferson Awards to name a few. With a mind that seems to think in 18 directions at once and makes you laugh as you try to keep up, Aaron is Redline VR's creator extraordinaire.

Redline VR
4700 N Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640

Tel. +1 773 609 0056

Founded by a film & theater director and a technical specialist for animation, Redline VR is crafting a completely different kind of entertainment.

Chicago’s FIRST Augmented Reality Billboard

ar billboard.jpg

Standing in front of our AR billboard at Lawrence and Ravenswood?


There are only a few options to make AR work on every phone, and (for better or for worse) Facebook is one of them.

The button above will open Facebook and ask to use your phone’s camera. Point the camera at the billboard (sometimes you have to wait a little) and watch it… augment!

We’ll update the content, so come back and check every few weeks. Over time we hope to build an enjoyable narrative that introduces us to the neighborhood, and inspires you to come check us out!