Chicago’s FIRST Augmented Reality Billboard

arbillboard live.jpg

Standing in front of our AR billboard at Lawrence and Ravenswood?


There are only a few options to make AR work on every phone, and (for better or for worse) Facebook is one of them.

The button above will open Facebook and ask to use your phone’s camera. Point the camera at the billboard (sometimes you have to wait a little) and watch it… augment!

We’ll update the content, so come back and check every few weeks. Over time we hope to build an enjoyable narrative that introduces us to the neighborhood, and inspires you to come check us out!

WHY an AR builboard?

Augmented Reality interacts with the real world by layering what could be atop what's already there. It's a chance to bring the mundane to life, to create a narrative, and to develop a relationship.
We want to infuse everything joyfully with the impossible and unexpected.

Plus, we'll be able to run promotions, give secret codes that allow early access to our proprietary content, or allow reservations to limited availability events like launch parties and 360 screenings.

Aaron demo AR billboard
Jonathon Irons and Aaron Sawyer, creators

Jonathon Irons and Aaron Sawyer, creators