11 Reasons VR is great for teams

The rise of Virtual Reality Headsets is introducing tons of different use cases for the VR enthusiast. Schools lean into VR technology to transform the student learning experience from VR Bars and Arcades like Redline VR to educational use cases. Soon you can expect to see VR in a variety of different places.


The world is forever changing, and with the growth of VR, you can expect an even more dynamic change! The opportunities VR can be used in are endless. Every day, more and more people create spaces and new experiences through the use of this immersive technology.

As the technology continues to progress and more people adopt the new wave, we're going to see VR in many unique ways including, but not limited to the workplace.

In this article, I'd like to share 11 reasons Virtual Reality is excellent for teams in the workplace:

1. It's fun

Studies show that when employees have fun at work, they are more likely to perform better in their roles. Things have been tough for most people, regardless of what they do for work. With all of the world's changes, people have to be even more considerate of the importance of fun in the workplace.


Not only that, but employers have to become more creative in the workplace in order to motivate their team and get better results. Especially when people are working remotely, fun should be incorporated into each workday.

The fun nature of the workplace can directly influence the outcome of your employee's work. Employees will be more willing to work hard when they feel as though there is a healthy balance of work and play.

You want to be mindful of the type of entertainment you add to the workplace. Too much fun could also be a distraction. That is why virtual reality makes a great addition to the workplace. It allows for fun, even with the ability to enhance the work experience. It can be thought of to be an asset much more than a liability.

2. Get your mind off work.

It's essential to focus on getting work done. It's essential to have something that can help get your mind off work every once in a while. When you have a chance to take a break off your work for a bit, you're more likely to come back to your work 10x more effective and productive.

Introducing a new way to play during break periods will help employees rejuvenate and regain momentum to return to work more energized than ever before!

VR is an excellent way for employees to be able to relax and take their minds off all things work-related. It is important that employees are given the opportunity to relax throughout the day.

The stress of the job can be overwhelming. VR can help to relieve much of that stress in a healthy way. You want to take care of those who take care of you.

This includes your employees. Consider their needs and what their day entails in your decision-making.

3.  Promote creativity

When your team is most creative, they have the ability to see things differently. Creativi

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ty can help your team solve problems and find innovative solutions to company challenges. By promoting creativity, you give your team an outlet to help them get their inventive problem-solving gears turning!

A catalyst for ideas. No longer will you have to push and pull to get the original ideas you've been stressing for. Simply being open to the idea of adding VR into the workplace is the first step to a more innovative workplace.

Employees will also be more inspired when working in a more lively atmosphere surrounded by colleagues who share the same creative energy. Your collaborative efforts will thrive from adding more creativity into the daily workday.

4. Celebrate great work

Finding fun and unique ways to celebrate your team's great work can be challenging. It can be a bit tough for your company to find ways to reward and celebrate your company's best work. Recognition is an essential aspect of keeping employee morale high. Why not consider VR as an option to help show them that you're proud of the great work they're doing!

This is a fun, non-pay-related way to show your team some love! You'll be surprised at what can result from merely showing appreciation to your team. By celebrating great work, you will also be setting the stage for my great work to come.

Employees want to feel recognized, and it will encourage them to keep doing their best to produce the best work possible. In order to achieve top-quality work, you want to start by creating an environment that appreciates the work being put out. They'll understand you uplifting them and for genuinely acknowledging their hard-work.

5. Show that your company is forward-thinking.

Don't fall behind waiting for your competitors to take the lead. Get out in front of them by adopting a new way of team building. Technology c

an be intimidating for many people; however, it's a great sign that the company is forward-thinking and is leaning into technology as a great solution to optimize organizational inefficiencies and solve with the best the world has to offer.

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VR may seem like a small treat to some, but for others, it will show that your company is progressive and high-tech. The immersive world of VR is continuously growing and evolving. As a forward-thinking company, you don't want to wait for success to come to you.

You want to run towards it and make plans for the immediate future and the near future. Soon all companies will be switching over to implementing more VR technology.

6. Laughter

Nothing better than laughter. Studies show that laughter is truly is the best medicine. You never know how much a simple smile or a bit of laughter could potentially impact one of your employees.

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It is easy for employees to fall into the limbo of things and become bored with the everyday work tasks that are given to them—spice things up by creating a new normal that encourages an environment full of joy and laughter.

Laughter is an excellent part of stress management. It allows you the ability to stimulate your organs and activate your stress relief response. Not to mention, laughter makes you feel good.


A room full of laughter and cheer is a room worth being in. It will add positivity to the workplace and overall creates a more inspirational environment.

7. Employee benefit

VR is an excellent employee benefit. It's a fun way to stand out from other employers. You are offering your team the best employee experiences, regardless of remote or not. This could make all the difference between your top employees choosing to stay with you and grow or leaving for a more innovative company.

People are continually looking for the next big thing and become easily bored with old-fashioned thinking. Your employee retention rates will change dramatically by simply implementing new technology into the workspace.

VR specifically will allow your employees with more flexibility. It will allow your employees a new way to train. They will have a more sensory learning experience. They will be able to learn more about their position in a more real way.

8. An affordable treat

The value far surpasses the cost when it comes to VR. For a great experience and an overall increase in employee sentiment, companies can treat dozens of employe


es for a low cost of a few hundred dollars per person for several-day experiences filled with games and fun for your staff.

This is just like any other investment. You want to move with the end goal in mind.

In this case, your end goal should be to improve employee satisfaction and ultimately boost employee performance rates.

9. Company Culture

It's never been more challenging to compete with company culture. The top companies in the world are doing more than ever to enhance their culture.


Now that so much has gone remote, and it's more important than ever that companies keep their culture up to par with their employee's expectations of a great company to work for.

VR is a great way to add to your company culture. Not only will you be adding a unique aspect, but you will be showing your team that you care about their role in the organization.

10. Easy and Accessible

VR allows for more flexibility, which is great to have. Allowing your employees the opportunity to enhance their engagement efforts and increase the amount of accessibility they have will be a huge game-changer.

There is no complicated installation or difficult setups with mobile device management systems. VR Headsets arrive at your team preset and ready to go. Employees will be up and running within minutes.

quest+originalbTime is precious, and there is none to waste. You won't have to worry about taking precious hours in your day or week to install and learn new technology. Although some time will need to be invested and there is a slight learning curve, the process is simple and easy to comprehend.

11. A great perk for remote teams

Smaller companies struggle to build company culture and find that it can be tough to keep the team "together" while dispersed across many timezones. With VR, you can create a fun perk for your remote team. Remote work can become lonely, and it is easy for employees to start to feel isolated.

However, with VR, your employees will be able to experience virtual meetings in a whole new way. VR allows co-workers to collaborate just as they would if they were in an office building. Meetings can happen virtually, along with presentations.


As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why VR is great for teams. The power of VR is truly unmatched. It creates a whole new dynamic and way of thinking regarding the structure of the workplace.

When you're thinking of the next thing to do for your team to create a great company culture and help your team get to the next level, consider VR. The goal is to enhance the overall work experience of your team members. Provide them with the excitement and creative space needed to perform at their very best.


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