3 VR activities to do with your kids

How do you find something special for your family these days? Finding the perfect activity to do with your kids can be difficult. A family fun night can quickly go sour if not appropriately planned.  Don't worry though, we got you covered!

Check out these 3 VR activities to do with your kids that you haven't tried before!

Activity #1: VR Arcade + Bar (for the adults)

Your kids will love virtual reality! Check out Redline VR, Chicago's First Virtual Reality Arcade! Experience an entirely different kind of entertainment using virtual reality. Redline VR offers a variety of VR game experiences in a warm and welcoming environment. Families can book a VR headset that can be shared between up to 4 players.


Each headset has a 100” projection screen, so you can see and hear what the player is doing and cheer them on! Guests can choose from various gaming experiences, including all of the major hits like Creed (boxing), Job Simulator, and Arizona Sunshine (zombies!). We have “no guns” options for youth (6+) if desired.

Redline VR also takes the health and safety of all guests and employees seriously, requiring masks and utilizing UV light for extra sanitation.

If we work together - members, guests, and employees – we can all have a safe, fun experience. Click here to check out more about Redline VR.


Activity #2: VR Escape Room

Interested in a challenge? Experience an escape room that takes place completely in virtual reality! Collaborate with your family to solve the puzzles and advance through the game. Real-life escape rooms can’t offer the kinds of beauty and creativity of a virtual one.

redline-vr-escape-roomWith VR escape experiences, players have a chance to build bridges, scale walls, blow something up, and sometimes to chase away demons. Our Alice in Wonderland experience is by far the most beautiful, elaborate virtual escape room ever made.

We also have escape adventures that involve a bit of bow and arrow combat! Our multiplayer escape rooms take around 60 minutes, are collaborative, and require between 2-6 headsets. Plus, we offer a variety of difficulty levels for kids and adults to work together. Click here to find out more!


Activity #3: VR Home Rental

Ready for a fun night in? Check out Redline VR's home rental packages!

There’s never been a safer way to play “together!” Home rentals packages offer a 3 night rental of the newest Oculus Quest headset, fully loaded with over $400 in games. Is a child’s birthday going to be spent at home? Rent a second, third, or fourth headset and drop it off at a friend’s house for multiplayer fun!


Add a Chromecast to see the headset’s view on your TV, and adults can add our premium locally bottled cocktails to-go. Families can dive in with pre-loaded games, movies, and adventures.

No computer is required, and with Redline VR’s intuitive user guide and on call tech support, VR home rentals are truly an immersive experience for everyone! Click here to bring the adventure home.


Finally a chance to try something new! Whether it’s at an arcade, mastering an escape room, or transforming your living room into something magical, virtual reality is the way to give your family a new adventure! It's time to spice things up and create new memories!


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