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As an HR professional, I’m always looking for new and more engaging ways to conduct the corporate education activities that help our teams meet the standards and best practices in our industry. From basic workplace conduct to leadership training, there are hours and hours of information that I’m responsible for communicating to each and every employee in the company! But how do I do that without putting everyone to sleep?

In the age of “Zoom fatigue,” another week of company-wide meetings isn’t gonna cut it, and calling everyone into the office for a “lunch and learn” won’t be popular either. A simple email doesn’t meet the legal requirements of my state either, so I’m stuck trying to figure out a solution that will please everyone… that’s when I found out about Redline VR and the unique experience they offer!

Redline VR is a virtual reality arcade that hosts corporate events with the capability of meeting the requirements of everything from active shooter response training to business conduct training, so I took a chance and did a demo of the program that could meet my specific HR needs.

What Is It Like?

I sampled a business conduct session by a VR enterprise training partner, which walked me through multiple scenarios of workplace harassment, reporting structure, and consequences including a termination!

I was given a freshly sanitized Oculus headset, and as soon as I put it on, I was thrust into a virtual office setting that completely surrounded me no matter which way I turned my head. WIth an Oculus controller in each hand, I made my way through the program’s short tutorial to ensure that I understood how to make decisions within the simulation. 

From there I became “Sarah,” and when a coworker made uncomfortable comments on my appearance in front of a witness, I was faced with a number of decisions about how to respond in the moment, whether or not to report the incident, and how to go about that reporting conversation. Just when I thought I’d “aced” one scenario, I became “Roger,” the guy who’d made the inappropriate remarks to begin with, and I had to make decisions I’d never imagined having to in real life–how to respond to being called out, being fired, and being placed in a similar situation at a new job.

The scenarios in the training demo surprised even me, who’s seen plenty in the field of human resources, and put me in the position to empathize with multiple perspectives. The entire experience went beyond the typical multiple choice quizzes or “role-playing” exercises we do in conference room settings and put me in the virtual shoes of everyone in a workplace harassment dynamic–responder, complainant, witness, and manager–without having to play it safe in front of my actual coworkers. The virtual setting gave me the freedom to fail in these scenarios without the fear that my colleagues would judge me for getting the answers wrong.


Team building

Here’s what I learned!

Virtual reality has proven to be an effective education tool. Studies have shown that VR education retention is around 80% as opposed to the 20% in the typical classroom environment. That, combined with numbers like 93% increased engagement, 230% performance improvement, and 100%  freedom to fail, make it impossible to ignore Redline as a viable option for HR training.

VR training gives you a way more efficient bang for your buck. Instead of spending money on programming, meeting space, technology and software, and catering… a visit to Redline VR takes care of most of that at an average of $30 per individual. They’ll work with you to provide food and bev if that’s something you need, and ultimately this ended up being a way cheaper option for my company’s corporate education needs.

Redline VR’s awesome space offers a “field trip” vibe instead of the stark, cold conference room ambience of these events. We’ve all been in those meetings… if the bright, fluorescent lights aren’t giving you a headache, the overactive AC is giving you pneumonia. Not here! You get to move your body during the training, take breaks while your coworkers take turns with the headsets, and explore RVR’s beautiful facilities.

Choosing VR puts our company on the frontlines of corporate innovation… Big companies like Accenture and Bank of America have already invested in the use of virtual reality to facilitate coworking and employee education! And of course Zuckerberg’s Metaverse endeavors are sure to bring VR to the forefront of even more organization's infrastructures. It feels like a great opportunity to have Redline VR at our disposal, so we can get ahead of the game on learning how VR can be an integral part of our company’s everyday mechanics.

The Redline VR experience lives on in your brain for days after the session, so your team members are still thinking about their training after they leave the building instead of compartmentalizing it away as soon as they leave the mandatory all-hands Zoom meeting… that’s my dream come true as an HR rep!

Visiting a local business brings a more authentic feel to our corporate activities than another powerpoint presentation ever could. Rather than spending our corporate funds on a canned presentation from a third-party business we’ve never heard of, we’re investing in a neighborhood organization that’s doing its best to make innovation accessible to our community. Plus, whether they enjoy their business conduct training or not, I feel good knowing my team might bring their friends or family back to RVR for a birthday party or a weekend hangout. 

I highly recommend this experience to anyone and everyone who manages a team! Redline VR and their partners have found a way to make crucial corporate training fun without sacrificing the important learning that needs to take place.

And of course… schedule your session right, and training will end just in time to enjoy happy hour at Redline’s awesome bar. You and your coworkers may just end up staying to enjoy a virtual escape room, open mic night, or any of RVR’s other exciting virtual experiences. Why not?

If you want to chat with someone about how Redline VR could be part of your corporate education needs, reach out to Aaron Sawyer today at!

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