A Teen Birthday Party That Doesn’t “Suck”

Any other moms of teens out there with NO clue how to celebrate their birthday in a way that won’t result in eye-rolls, heavy sighs, and crossed arms? That’s how I felt about my kid’s 14th until I found Redline VR! All he and his friends (and my husband) seem to want to do for fun is play video games, so I set out to find a way to turn video games into a party, only to discover it’s already been done.

It’s An Activity They Actually Want To Do.

Redline VR hosts group events with a wide range of gaming options, most notably, their Virtual Reality booths. I felt like I hit the jackpot, not only finding a place for gaming, but a place for SUPERIOR gaming than my kid and his friends normally experience.

In fact, when I suggested a VR birthday party, he said, “Yeah, that sounds really cool actually!” 

Any parent of a teen knows that’s a big win.

oculus kids playing vr at birthday party

A Smooth Process From Start to Finish

Making the reservation was super easy, and when we showed up, Redline had set aside a whole wing of booths and tables for our group. The staff for the day, Adam and Logan, were so kind and helpful. That got us set up with a table for gifts and the pizza we ordered, and let us decorate their space with party favors and tablecloths. Adam even offered to put our ice cream cake in the on-site freezer until we were ready to cut it. 

Logan gave the group a tutorial on how to operate the headsets and controllers. He also helped us out during the first few minutes of our reservation, as we struggled a bit to get the hang of the logistics. Logan was so patient with us that he even restarted our timer back to our full 1.5 hour reservation after we figured out our tech. After that, he handled all our tech questions and helped troubleshoot anytime we didn’t understand how the equipment worked. He even jumped in and gave us life-saving gameplay tips when he noticed we were stuck on one puzzle or challenge.

Once they got us set up, we were free to play to our hearts’ content! Or… for the adults in the family and parents of the other guests, Redline has an awesome bar where we could sit and watch the party from afar, which the teens obviously preferred! In the end, it was one of the easiest and most relaxed birthday parties I’ve ever hosted.

kids watching vr

Redline Creates an Engaging Atmosphere That Encourages Collaboration.

Because the layout of their space is so open, and each player booth is equipped with a screen that shows the whole room what you're experiencing, it feels more like you're playing with a group than alone. At one point, our family got so into a particular boxing game that it felt like spending a night watching the fights at home, only this time we were in the ring! 

My nephew even exclaimed during his turn, “I feel like Rocky!” It was so fun to play against each other, pick teams, and heckle each other that the teenagers didn’t even seem to mind that the adults had joined the birthday party… We were actually hanging out together! A rare opportunity in some families with teens.

The highlight of the afternoon, for me, was when my kid called out mid-game from underneath his VR helmet, “Mom, did you see my screen?” I loved seeing them so excited about his birthday party. #momwin


A Variety of Games Means There’s Something For Everyone

While the VR was definitely the big sell and the top attraction of the day, Redline also set up a corner where the kids could play Switch games in groups of 4 while they waited for a turn in a VR booth. Even though playing with a Switch is something they all do every day, they had a blast! There were also board games and card games we could play with, and I won’t lie… us parents had ourselves a pretty rousing game of Cards Against Humanity back at the bar.

teen woman playing vr

Not a Place to Visit Just Once

Redline has everything from old classics you can play on the switch, to favorites like FIFA and Star Wars, to brand new games we hadn’t heard of, like At the Bellows. In fact, my kid wants to come back because he didn’t get a chance to try every game. I have a feeling we’ll be regulars from now on, since Redline stays on top of new releases. There will always be something new to play, and between the bar, the pool table, and their evening shows, there are plenty of reasons to go back to Redline VR.


I’m so glad I looked Redline VR for me teen’s birthday party–I’d do it again! Our whole family highly recommends checking this place out, whether you’re throwing apathy or not. They truly have something for everyone.

kids birthday party



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