Couples Package

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See them in a whole new way

Whether it’s your first date or 500th, Redline VR will have you talking!

First, we break the ice with a VR Drink Experience that’s as provocative in the mouth as it is in the mind.

Then, you’ll spend an hour in our curated arcade taking turns grooving to the beat with your lightsaber or ducking to avoid an evil orc’s ax. Remember: you’re going to get down and twist around, so put on something that looks good when you move.


1 hr 15 min approx.

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Not available until May opening

Add Ons

Mixed Reality Escape Room

Face the unknown- together!- in our Mixed Reality Escape Room full of tight spaces, mental gymnastics, and moral obstacles. Customizable and from Rated-G to Rated-R and in difficulty from easy to hard.

Add Escape Room

Not available until May opening

$30 each or $40 private

1 hr approx.

Be sure to give yourselves a little buffer time before/after your arcade time!