Curated Events

From “Fright Club” to Fight Club, we’re always coming up with curated events. We’re also planning an Augmented Reality Art Installation, VR Film Festival, and an awe-inspiring Under The Sea experience. Join our email list to stay up to date!

Here are a few of our favorites:


Wine & Paint

Curated by an artist instructor, we’ll teach you how to paint in three dimensions inside a virtual reality headset..

Bring a friend! It’s fun to do and fun to watch in a Bob Ross way. You get a shareable link to your creation when you’re done!

Alternating Tuesdays

star trek.png

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

You and four friends are captain and crew on your own Enterprise class starship in the Star Trek universe. Cosplay encouraged. Captain, Engineer, Helm, Tactical

A maximum of two independent games can run simultaneously (8 total players).

Wednesday evenings

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Racket Club

Tournament style with prizes: Ping Pong, Tennis, and Racquetball.

There’s nothing more satisfying than the haptic response of a VR racket stroking the ball just right. It’s a winner!

Reserve a spot with your friends. Thursday leagues forming soon.

VR Escape Rooms

Exclusive content you can’t get in the consumer market. We’ve curated the best multiplayer, 60 minute challenges in the world. Click Here.


VR Regatta

Enjoy a variety of competitive pirate pleasures out on the beautiful blue, then sample the rest of our arcade booty.

Featuring VR Regatta, Battlewake, and Big Breezy Boat.


VR Cinema

Darren Aronofsky, Jon Favreau, and Robert Rodriguez are just a few of the directors making immersive cinema. Coming soon.