Opening Ceremony

Sunday. August 18th- VR and Bar- We'll keep it simple. Cold drinks. Curated content. We’ll have demonstrations of our VR Escape Rooms, VR Wine & Paint/Ceramics classes, collaborative multiplayer gaming, and family friendly fare. Reserve here.

Reserve Opening









Monday, August 19th- Experiences in VR- The full arcade is open. Plus, we’ll feature our curated list of experiences. Up in space or under the sea, VR headsets can show you the world. Reserve here.

Tuesday. August 20th- VR Regatta- Drink like a sailor. Sail like a pirate. Featuring VR Regatta, Battlewake, and Big Breezy Boat. 7:30-10pm. Book using this link.

Wednesday, August 21st- Star Trek Bridge Crew- only four lucky teams of four will get to register for this event as you captain your own Enterprise class starship in the Star Trek universe. 7:30-10pm. Book using this link!

Thursday, August 22nd- Racquet Club- Tournament Style with prizes: Ping Pong, Tennis, and Racquetball. Reserve a spot with your friends. Book using this link


Friday, August 23rd- Star Wars Night- Vader Immortal VR Experience and Beat Saber (Guitar Hero meets lightsabers) Reserve here.

Saturday August 24th- Kids Simulator- Need a break from Job Simulator? Vacation Simulator is in the adjacent bay. Plus, Fruit Ninja for the peckish. (10am-4pm) Reserve here.

Saturday August 24th - Lord of the Rings (multiplayer)- Get your Samwise Gamgee on in Elven Assassin, a collaboratively multiplayer archery game defending a village from orcs, giants, and dragons. (better bring Legolas with you too!) (5pm-10pm) Reserve here.