Private Parties


bring the virtual to you

Impress your guests with our on-site packages that can fit YOUR location or occasion.

Full Immersion Bay

$300 per each bay for 2 hrs

Each bay serves 10-12 people an hour.

Required: 8’x11’ playing area per bay

Our Immersive Bays provide the “True VR” immersive experience with projections displaying the gamer's experience. Immersive bays feature the HTC Vive PRO headsets and the most popular games including Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, QuiVR, and Fruit Ninja.

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Additional VR Bays: Adding additional bays allows for multiplayer experiences and more variety for your guests.

Seated Headsets: Only have room for one Immersive Bay? Try the “Game Boy of VR.” Add-On includes four Oculus Go headsets with games curated by our experienced staff. Try the popular Jurassic Park experience that had us screaming and squirming (at a PG level) or Thumper, an adrenaline pumping musical game. 

Coffee & Catering: By request!

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Youth 360° Party


Youth Seated 360° VR Packages

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Ages 8-13

A great VR entry for kids who live IRL. With Oculus Go headsets that fit their heads, and plenty of content that is family friendly.

Birthdays, sports celebrations, or something to do when it’s cold, our 360° Seated VR Packages start at $300.

Looking for a little more?

Check out a Private Party Package

Smash the Beats

Smash the Beats

End Space VR

End Space VR

Beat Saber


Wedding Entertainment


VR Wedding reception entertainment

Thinking of a photo booth? Now think about a VR booth!

There's no better way to fill that cocktail hr between ceremony and reception. :) We've got games even grandma will love.

Expertly curated, virtual reality wedding entertainment. Plus, check out our SUPER CUTE guest ideas that will LAST A LIFETIME like personalized virtual reality guestbooks where guests paint 360 images and messages you can “walk through” years later.

If you’ve got 10x10 ft of space, you’ve got amazing memories preserved forever in VR

$200 VR headset per hour offering curated entertainment and a personalized VR Guestbook that will be created by your guests and emailed to you after the event.

Each VR bay services about 15 people per hour.

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Couples Package

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See them in a whole new way

Whether it’s your first date or 500th, Redline VR will have you talking!

First, we break the ice with a VR Drink Experience that’s as provocative in the mouth as it is in the mind.

Then, you’ll spend an hour in our curated arcade taking turns grooving to the beat with your lightsaber or ducking to avoid an evil orc’s ax. Remember: you’re going to get down and twist around, so put on something that looks good when you move.


1 hr 15 min approx.

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Not available until May opening

Add Ons

Mixed Reality Escape Room

Face the unknown- together!- in our Mixed Reality Escape Room full of tight spaces, mental gymnastics, and moral obstacles. Customizable and from Rated-G to Rated-R and in difficulty from easy to hard.

Add Escape Room

Not available until May opening

$30 each or $40 private

1 hr approx.

Be sure to give yourselves a little buffer time before/after your arcade time!