Private Parties


bring the virtual to you

Impress your guests with our on-Site packages that can fit any occasion.

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360 Headset Package

Up to 10 players

$300 for 2 hours

Includes four headsets with curated games by our experienced staff. Try the popular Jurassic Park experience that had us screaming and squirming (at a PG level) or Thumper, an adrenaline pumping musical game. 

Add-On: One Immersion Bay

10-20 players

Additional $200 for 2 hours

Our Immersive Bays provide the “True VR” fully immersive experience with projections displaying the gamers experience. Immersive bays feature the most popular games including Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, QuiVR, and Fruit Ninja.

Required: 8’x11’ playing area per bay


Halloween Party


add vr to your halloween

Add virtual terrors to your home or office, with up to four 360 headsets for two hours. Jumps and screams abound as you creep from room to room.

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Available on-site experiences before we open.



You and your friends command the bridge of an Enterprise ship together live in the Star Trek universe. View the trailer.

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360 WINE & PAINT night

Our experts guide you as you sculpt in space at our 360 wine and paint night. View the trailer.

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