Private Parties


bring the virtual to you

Impress your guests with our on-site packages that can fit YOUR location or occasion.

Full Immersion Bay

$300 per each bay for 2 hrs

Each bay serves 10-12 people an hour.

Required: 8’x11’ playing area per bay

Our Immersive Bays provide the “True VR” immersive experience with projections displaying the gamer's experience. Immersive bays feature the HTC Vive PRO headsets and the most popular games including Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, QuiVR, and Fruit Ninja.

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Additional Immersion Bays: Adding additional bays allows for multiplayer experiences and more variety for your guests.

360° Headsets: Only have room for one Immersive Bay? Add four 360 headsets to keep more people occupied and fill out your party.

Coffee & Catering: By request!

360° Seated Headset Package

$300 for 90 minutes with four 360° seated headsets

The “Game Boy of VR”, best for tight spaces. Includes four headsets with games curated by our experienced staff. Try the popular Jurassic Park experience that had us screaming and squirming (at a PG level) or Thumper, an adrenaline pumping musical game. 

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360 degree seated headset

360 degree seated headset