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Introducing the Future of Enterprise Training

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Virtual Reality is the Future of Enterprise Employee Training

In most states, at least two hours of sexual-harassment training and education are required for supervisory employees, and one hour for non-supervisory employees. Training must be renewed every two years, and employers must have records of when their employees have taken their training.

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Employee Training That Works: 

Studies found that VR enterprise training is far more effective than traditional training:

  • 36% Less expensive than classroom training
  • 53% Less time than classroom training

*Source: PwC Soft Skills Study, February 2020

Increase User Retention, Comprehension, and Empathy Using Virtual Reality Training

When a person puts on a VR headset, they aren’t just watching a 360-degree video, they are entering an immersive experience. VR experiences have been scientifically proven to increase empathy which in turn leads to empathetic actions. After watching a coworker make inappropriate comments toward another employee, the player is presented with different pathways of behavior. While many employees will choose the correct pathway, there is immense value in repeated play to safely explore the consequences of other, less appropriate behavior. VR training provides an employee with a functional understanding of the entire HR structure in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

Why consider Virtual Reality Enterprise Training for your company?


VR enhances training experiences by demanding complete focus of the eyes and ears of the participant in an interactive session. User retention increases dramatically compared to a video or speaker that a trainee may passively watch. 

Increased retention and empathy through improved training empower a workforce to create a positive culture. Here are a few other reasons why enterprise virtual reality training is worth considering:

Increase Learning Speed and Accuracy

VR is known to help increase learning speeds and accuracy amongst employees. Companies with household names, such as Walmart and KFC have adopted VR training to their onboarding process.

Save Money by Improving Company Culture

Harassment lawsuits have reached an all-time high due to violations by team members across companies of different sizes. 1 out of 3 employees says traditional training is uninspiring and ineffective.

Increased Information Retention

Our virtual reality solutions share information in short bursts rather than long training sessions that may be tiring to sit through. This increases comprehension and retention.

Engaging and Fun

Engage the trainee by allowing them to choose responses that empower themselves and their fellow coworkers using conflicts based on real cases.

Teach Empathy for Unique Situations

Seeing what it's like to be the target of harassment, judgment, or other common workplace microaggressions can help your team increase empathy for sensitive situations. 

Immersive Training

Traditional training is boring. Your team deserves better. Immerse your staff into active training rather than resorting to video lecturers that result in passive listening and lack of engagement.

Long-Term Improvement

A comprehensive ethics framework integrated within the training enables the end-users to improve their behaviors over time in a way that is applicable and useful in their day-to-day operations.

Experience Various Perspectives

Perhaps the most valuable and unique offering of VR, your staff will have the opportunity to experience difficult situations from various perspectives. Comprehension increases when viewing interactions through the eyes of the victim, perpetrator, and observers. Feel what it's like to be placed in specific situations in ways impossible to create before.

Sample Offerings:

Check out a few of the other VR enterprise training our customers love.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Effective sexual harassment prevention training can help to reduce the risk of sexual harassment complaints. New hires should be made aware of what constitutes sexual harassment and how to report incidents during the onboarding process.


Active Shooter

Active Shooter

Active shooter training is a great step towards ensuring the safety of your employees. Like any workplace safety procedure, active shooter training is something you should organize as part of your responsibilities as a business owner.


Executive Communication

Executive Communication

When taking part in our communication training course, you will have the chance to learn and better your skills. You will learn how to effectively communicate with people from your team, rather than just your boss.

Make your next enterprise training a huge success

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Virtual reality increases user retention, comprehension, and empathy with virtual reality training solutions.

It's frustrating to spend hours preparing a training session to have it fall flat. Virtual reality allows staff to retain knowledge better and is often less costly than other methods.

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