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Pierced Navel Cocktail

Pierced Navel Cocktail


Pierced Navel VR Experience & Cocktail


Slip on a headset to reveal Redline VR's Immersive Drink Experiences, customized to prep your brain and buds for the perfect sip. In collaboration with craft brewers and skilled mixologists, immerse yourself in something sinfully sweet, satisfyingly silky, or surprisingly bitter.


Redline VR's Pierced Navel features Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey, juice, schnapps, Fee Brothers Peach Bitters, and topped with a sprig of thyme piercing a peach gummy.


We love stories that make us notice new things. We’re game for giggles that turn into blushes and scents that open eyelids. Innuendo meets its maker with this mark: a peachy surprise with a sweet tooth that bites.  


Lyrics and Music by JW Basilo 

Animation by Luke Scroggins 

Recipe by Aaron Sawyer